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Code of Regulations
Code of Regulations

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Code Book contains the official regulations adopted by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission under authority of Amendment 35 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas.

This document is updated every time a code is altered. If you download or print this document, please be aware that it changes frequently and you will need to use the most current version to ensure the regulations are accurate.

Icon AGFC Code Book | Includes July 2017 approved codes (2.4 MB)

Icon 2018 Approved Fishing Regulations Changes (31.4 KB)

Icon Proposed | 2017-2018 Additional Waterfowl Hunting Regulations (485.6 KB)

Icon Proposed | Code Amendments to License Regulations for License Dealers (48.3 KB)

Icon Approved | 2017-18 General Hunting Regulations | Effective 06/18/2017 (1.0 MB)

Icon Approved | Captive Cervid Regulation (548.4 KB)

Icon 2017 Commercial Fishing, Turtling, Turtle Farmer and Closure Regulations | Effective 01/01/2017 (117.3 KB)

Icon 2017 Mussel, Baitfish and Fish Farmer Regulations | Effective 01/01/2017 (118.9 KB)