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Free Publications

The following documents are free downloadable brochures in PDF format that are easy to print. If you have a problem printing a document and would like to receive one by mail, call 501-223-6352.

Birds and Waterfowl

ar_backyard_birds-1.jpgArkansas Backyard Birds

ar_waterfowl-1.jpgArkansas Waterfowl

bluebird_nestbox.jpgEastern Bluebird Nest Box Plans

hummingbird_brochure-1.jpgRuby-throated Hummingbird

bobwhite_factsheet-1.jpgThe Northern Bobwhite

Careers with AGFC

become_wildlife_officer-1.jpgBecoming a Wildlife Officer

careers_education-1.jpgCareers with AGFC: Education Division

careers_fisheries-1.jpgCareers with AGFC: Fisheries Division

careers_support-1.jpgCareers with AGFC: Support Divisions

careers_wildlife-1.jpgCareers with AGFC: Wildlife Management Division

Fish and Reptiles

alligator_factsheet-1.jpgAmerican Alligator

ar_fish-1.jpgArkansas Fish

ArkansasGarPoster.jpgArkansas Gar | Poster

ar_snakes-1.jpgArkansas Snake Guide

snakeheads.jpgSorting Out Snakeheads

Fishing and Boating

AnglingEthics-1.jpgAngling Ethics

AquacultureCleanList-1.jpgApproved Aquaculture Species List

StateRecordFishApplication-1.jpgArkansas State Record Fish | Information and Application

BeginnersFishingGuide-1.jpgBeginners Fishing Guide

BreamBasics-1.jpgBream Basics

FarmPondManagementMP360-1.jpgFarm Pond Management for Recreational Fishing

Fishing101-1.jpgFishing 101

Master Angler Program | ApplicationMaster Angler Program | Application

MP-447-1.jpgRecreational Fishing in Small Impoundments: Alternative Management Options

sportsfish_suppliers-1.jpgSport Fish Supplier List for Farm Pond Stocking

StockEnhancementLMB-1.jpgStock Enhancement as a Fishery Management Tool for Largemouth Bass

Hunting and Trapping

atv_safety_bro-1.jpgATV Safety for Hunters

boatsafety_hunters-1.jpgBoating Safety for Hunters

fielddressdeer_bro-1.jpgField Dressing and Skinning Deer

HIP-1.jpgHarvest Information Program | Are You HIP?

huntsaftey_ethics-1.jpgHunting Safety and Ethics

hunting_snowgeese-1.jpgHunting Snow Geese

hunting_withkids-1.jpgHunting with Kids

processing_deer_bro-1.jpgProcessing Deer

trapper_manual-1.jpgTrapper Education Manual

treestand_safety-1.jpgTreestand Safety for Hunters

TurkeyHuntingSafety-1.jpgTurkey Hunting Safety


blackbear_factsheet-1.jpgBlack Bears

building_bat_houses-2.jpgBuilding Bat Houses

elkinarkansas-1.jpgElk in Arkansas

WhitetailTrivia-1.jpgWhitetail Trivia


InvasiveSpeciesAlert-1.jpgArkansas Under Attack | Invasive Species Alert

PoisonIvyBrochure-1.jpgPoison Ivy Facts

Strategic Plan Annual Report 2014-1.jpgStrategic Plan Annual Report 2014

Wild Game and Fish Recipes

BearBites-1.jpgRecipes | Bear Bites

DelectableDucksRecipe-1.jpgRecipes | Delectable Ducks

FastFoodforHuntersRecipes-1.jpgRecipes | Fast Food for Hunters

FishFavoritesRecipes-1.jpgRecipes | Fish Favorites

DoveRecipes-1.jpgRecipes | Made with Dove

VenisonVittlesRecipe-1.jpgRecipes | Venison Vittles

GooseRecipes-1.jpgRecipes | Your Goose Is Cooked

Stuff for the Kids

ar_birds_coloring_book-1.jpgArkansas Birds Coloring Book

ar_fish_coloring_book-1.jpgArkansas Fish Coloring Book

ar_mammals_coloring_book-1.jpgArkansas Mammals Coloring Book

enforcement_coloring_book-1.jpgEnforcement Coloring Book

ar_crayfish_activity_book-1.jpgMud Bugs | All About Arkansas Crayfish Activity Book

MyFirstDeerCertificate.jpgMy First Deer | Certificate

MyFirstDeerCertificatePhoto.jpgMy First Deer | Certificate and Photo Placeholder

MyFirstDoveCertificate.jpgMy First Dove | Certificate

MyFirstDoveCertificatePhoto.jpgMy First Dove | Certificate and Photo Placeholder

MyFirstDuckCertificate.jpgMy First Duck | Certificate

MyFirstDuckCertificatePhoto.jpgMy First Duck | Certificate and Photo Placeholder

MyFirstFishCertificate.jpgMy First Fish | Certificate

MyFirstFishCertificatePhoto.jpgMy First Fish | Certificate and Photo Placeholder

MyFirstRabbitCertificate.jpgMy First Rabbit | Certificate

MyFirstRabbitCertificatePhoto.jpgMy First Rabbit | Certificate and Photo Placeholder

MyFirstSquirrelCertificate.jpgMy First Squirrel | Certificate

MyFirstSquirrelCertificatePhoto.jpgMy First Squirrel | Certificate and Photo Placeholder

MyFirstTurkeyCertificate.jpgMy First Turkey | Certificate

MyFirstTurkeyCertificatePhoto.jpgMy First Turkey | Certificate and Photo Placeholder