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Aquatic Resources Education
Aquatic Resources Education (ARE)

Four mobile aquariums are available free of charge for display at schools and qualifying community events, such as fairs, town festivals, outdoor shows and youth events. Millions of people have enjoyed our mobile aquariums, which feature native fish and turtles.

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The AGFC places rod-and-reel combinations in public libraries for individuals to check out, just as they would a library book. Some locations even include fly-tying equipment for checkout. Nearly 100 libraries across the state participate in this program. Check the link below to find a site close to you. If you are interested in getting your library started in this program, get the program request form from the application link.

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Like most other activities, fishing requires a basic knowledge of techniques for consistent success and enjoyment. To help supply these tools to anglers, seminars and clinics are periodically held across the state. These educational events can be tailored to a variety of skill levels, from beginner to seasoned professional.

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The Fishing Derby Program provides a positive fishing experience for children, senior citizens and physically challenged individuals. The AGFC co-sponsors these events with organizations such as civic clubs, municipalities, other government agencies, churches, schools and nursing homes. Sponsors recruit volunteers and provide a public derby site. The Commission stocks the site with fish and provides technical guidance for the event. For new fishing derby requests, please call 501-676-6963.

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